Christmas Gift Guide 2023!

Author: Ellaspede   Date Posted:14 December 2023 

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Better late than never, we're back again for Ellaspede's HAND PICKED Christmas Gift Guide for 2023! Less than 50% self serving (let's be honest, we love our own stuff) we've rounded up a bunch of our favourite parts and pieces from around the internet that we actually own and use (not just what some brand sponsored us to include).

So let's kick things off with a bang in no particular order:

Rick's EB141 Yamaha XT660R Custom

Ok so this one is a little different, but rarely to custom builds of ours come back up for sale so it's your lucky day. Rick is selling his Yamaha XT660R to fund another project and this is one bike we'd love to have in our garage. We actually were lucky enough to 'test ride' this bike from Melbourne to Brisbane so can personally vouch for how good it goes. Rick's looking for around $20K, interested parties please email 


'Catch All' Life Organiser

An air-cooled home for your essentials. Limited edition, made in-house at Ellaspede.

When we're not cutting away on custom bikes we like to come up with other cool products too. Perfect for a little custom moto inspiration in the home to hold your keys, phone, sunnies and wallet in one cool and convenient place.


Quad Lock Motorcycle Vibration Dampener

It's now known that the vibration from some motorcycles can effect the camera's and specifially image stabilisation on newer phones, so we've all upgraded our Quad Lock mounts with these vibration dampeners.

If you've already got a Quad Lock case and mount, this simply bolts to the existing mount. If you don't it's a good time to get a Quad Lock setup for your bike too, they'resuper handy and the cases are pretty slim and quite tough when you're off the bike too. 


Kriega R20 Backpack

A long time favourite of ours is the Kriega range of bags, with the most verstile being the Kriega R20 backpack which many of us own. They're made for motorcycle riding (specific shape on the shoulder straps), super comfy, stacks of features and you can slot in a 3L water pouch with it too. Easily one of our favourite items whether we're taking the bike or not.


The NEW 'Home Run' Tee

Designed in house because we like it and we want to wear it, simple as that. We do alot of black shirts, but sometimes it's nice to have a fresh white tee for when we want to change it up. 

Inspired by some vintage baseball graphics, whether you're drawing up plans for the next great custom project or winding the throttle on through the twisties, sometimes you've just gotta swing for the fences.


Optimate Duo 2 Battery Charger

We have a bunch of different bikes with a range of different batteries in the shop and this is the charger we prefer to use. It's simple, automatically detects the right battery and you can leave it on for an extended period of time (just incase you forget!).

This is a must have for any rider who doesnt ride every day and want's to ensure their pride and joy will spark into life when it's time to hit the start button any other sunday.


Oneal Deluxe Motorcycle Tie Downs

These tie downs are our favourite style by far. The end hooks arent the annoying carabiner type and they don't fall off like the open hook type either, instead you get the best of both worlds with a sturdy hook with a simple latch. Plus they're long and wide to tie down even the biggest bikes.

We use these things for everything from securing bikes on work benches to dump runs at the tip. They're that handy you should defintiely have at least 4 in the garage!


Weatherproof USB Charger Kit

This affordable USB kit is the best one we've found, so we often install it on a number of custom bikes, including many of our own. It's no fuss, has a fuse and a quick disconnect too. You can use it on bikes, boats, tractors or litereally anything outdoors with a motor and a battery.

Jaycar also have a dual outlet available too if you need the extra socket.


Kickstart Trucker Cap

You just can't go wrong with a decent quality one-size-fits-all trucker cap. When you need a little pop of colour, the 'petrol blue' kickstart cap is the perfect addition.

We clip it to the belt buckle and slap it on to keep the helmet hair in check at the next stop, but you can wear it wherever you like. Best thing is, you can't get this lid at David Jones so your 'cool' uncle/cousin/brother-in-law won't show up at the family bbq weaing it either!


Muc-Off Motorcycle Cleaner Pack

The Muc-Off cleaner is one of our favourites for on or off road bikes. Their pink 'Nano Tech' motorcycle cleaner cuts through dirt, mud and grime quickly and safely without the need for acids or dangerous chemicals. The formula is also 100% biodegradable so it's safe for your bike and the planet too. Then you can follow it up with the motorcycle protectant spray to keep your bike looking brand new.

If you're still using car wash like a coward, but down the super sud truck wash and get into some Muc-Off asap, you'll thank us for the recommendation.


Akin Moto 'Wingman' Motorcycle Messenger Bag

When you don't need to pack the whole kit and kaboodle, the Wingman Messenger from Akin is the perfect travel companion when you're on or off the bike. This thing is absolutely packed with features and comparments, so you can use it for everything from a pannier to a satchel.

Extra heavy duty, weather resistant and capable of swallowing a 30cm x 20cm tablet or laptop means you'll plenty of uses for this handy sidekick.




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