Our latest: Yamaha SR400 Tracker

Author: Ellaspede   Date Posted:15 June 2018 

Our latest: Yamaha SR400 Tracker main image


This build is a great example of a client using our Ellaspede Yamaha SR400 Custom Tracker Kit to cheaply turn a stock bike into a full custom street tracker. Alan from BCU was a previous customer with a number of bikes from the 1970’s but wanted something newer that combined modern technology with classic looks.

Enter the 2014 Yamaha SR400. Re-released in 2014 with a number of improvements over the originals including Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) it provided the perfect base for an affordable build when combined with the Ellaspede custom kit.

Compared to modifying an older bike, Alan said “…it was actually good to get something that only needed modifying instead or machining or sourcing replacement parts.” and we certainly agree. More often than not, the desired ‘classic aesthetic’ can be achieved using a modern donor bike that negates the need for an old bike requiring a rebuild and ongoing maintenance." A smart choice of donor Alan!

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Street Tracker Kit

By: on 19 August 2023
Hello, i was wondering if this Street Tracker Kit is ever coming back?? I think it looks really nice and professional. Love to hear from you guys. Thank you.

Ellaspede Response
Hi Neic, we won't be doing the full kit again, but you can definitely still get the Tracker seat unit to fit up to your bike which is the main piece of the puzzle. https://www.ellaspede.com/sr400-tracker-seat-kit Cheers!

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