Our Latest: 1992 BMW R100R

Author: Ellaspede   Date Posted:26 February 2020 

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When owner Sam came to us with his plans for a custom build we knew this BMW R100R was going to be something pretty special. A slight departure from our usual style of BMW customs, Sam’s end goal had us excited to bring a little ‘Euro’ style to the build.

What do we mean by ‘Euro’ style? We’ve seen a growing trend of BMW R-series customisation in Europe that hasn’t really taken off in Australia yet. The core features are floating single seat, chunky tyres, small guards, lots of black, offset lights and super clean lines. Sure we’ve ticked off a few of these individual items on recent builds, but Sam was the first client to come to us with a vision that we thought was ticking all the boxes for this style.

How did it come about? Sam told us… “Most modern road bikes have never really appealed to me which is why I have always wanted something custom. I think the BMW R-series bikes make some of the nicest customs and I particularly like the shape of the boxer engine. I think the semi-scrambler style appeals to me from growing up on dirt bikes too.”

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Photos by AJ Moller Photography

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BMW custom build

By: on 31 August 2020
Hi guys I was wondering how much would this bike cost to do I’m interested in the same style I don’t have a bike Would you guys get a bike or would I have to check gumtree Cheers

Ellaspede Response
Hi Martyn! Shoot us an email and we can give you some specifics on custom build pricing mate. contact@ellaspede.com We don't source bikes, so you would need to find a suitable donor before bringing it in to us, but if you're not sure what to get we can advise what we think are the best models. Cheers

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