Single seat modification plate laws changed

Author: Ellaspede   Date Posted:28 June 2014 

Great news recently for motorcycle riders with new changes to the single seat modification plate laws meaning that vehicle owners will now be able to self-certify the modification!

The new laws came into effect on 1 July 2014, so if you’re interested in changing the seating capacity of your motorbike to single seat registration to save some money, it’s now easier than ever.

To make the change you just need to ensure your seat is shorter than 500mm long (or a useable area less than 500mm) and you have removed the pillion passenger foot pegs. If your bike is already registered as a 2 seater you’ll just need to download the ‘Qld Trans - Change of Vehicle Particulars Notification Form F3524’ and take it with you and the bike to Queensland Transport. Once there, they can refund you the difference on your registration cost* from a 2 seater to a single seat vehicle. That’s right, the government will give money back to a motorcycle rider, how good!

If your bike is not yet registered in your name, when you bring it to Ellaspede for a roadworthy certificate (shamless plug) then we can sight that the seat is less than 500mm long, has no pillion pegs and ensure it is listed as a single seater on your new roadworthy certificate, no other costs or modification plates needed.

We think this is a great move by Queensland Transport as it makes the switch to single seat modification more attractive and affordable for riders, without the extra burden of the previous single seat modification plate inspections and costs. Good going on this one Queensland Transport.

*Queensland Transport has advised that they can only issue a refund for the difference in registration cost and that the difference in CTP cost will need to be followed up by the individual with their CTP provider.

  Excerpt from the Queensland Transport website (click here to visit page on Qld Trans website):

Reclassification of modifications to change a motorbike's seating capacity

Commenced 1 July 2014

As part of Queensland Government's commitment to reducing red tape and regulation, Transport and Main Roads has conducted a review into the approval requirements for changes to a motorbike's seating capacity.

As a result of this review, Transport and Main Roads has decided that these modifications will now be reclassified as basic modifications, meaning that vehicle owners will be able to self-certify the modification, provided the modification meets the requirements of the LL section of the National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification. Certification by an Approved Person and affixing of a modification plate will no longer be needed for this modification.

This means that from 1 July 2014:

Until these changes start, if you want to change the seating capacity of a motorbike you must follow the current process and have a modification plate fitted by an Approved Person.

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Single seat rego on scooter

By: on 11 March 2019
Do you still have to modify seat , doesn't have foot pegs to modify. Thanks

Ellaspede Response
The seat will need to be less than 500mm long, unless it was specifically sold as a single seater from the factory. If you're not sure just give Qld Transport a call, let them know the model of your bike and they can let you know. Cheers!

No refund for CTP levies.

By: on 27 February 2019
Be wary of expecting a refund when you change from 2 seat to 1 seat. About 2/3rds of the CTP that you pay goes to levies and you can't get that back. From my personal experience and hours of trying to find out why they would only refund a pittance, the trick is to do the change just before you pay for the next rego. and don't bother chasing a refund.

mr ian speakman

By: on 27 October 2018
i am a gold card veteran pensioner.My car is on vet registration . Am I allowed discount on my motor bike. I wish to transfer it from two pass to single seat Kind Regards, Ian. Gold card number.QSM13519. Veterans affairs. I note we are also allowed a discount on a boat.{ Idont have one]

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