Our latest: Suzuki TS400

Author: Ellaspede   Date Posted:16 May 2018 

Our latest: Suzuki TS400 main image

If that bike could tell a story” is often heard when discussing motorcycles with history and patina. Ray’s 1973 Suzuki TS400 is one such example, although the story almost ended before his kids came to the rescue.

Ray starts the story…

I got my TS400 in 1976 and road it for about 4 years registered trail riding before I deregistered it and mainly used it for bush riding around Queensland and the Northern Territory.

I had it about 30 years and had pretty well run it into the ground, so rather than buy a new dirt bike I decided to have it restored. I gave it to a guy to restore with all the parts i had bought on the net, but eventually he disappeared and I never saw it again.

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By: on 14 April 2020
I had one.Great bike.I did some trails on it,CREB track(Daintree to Bloomfield)Cape Trib.to Cooktown,Bump road(Kuranda to Mowbray River rd.etc.That was in the 70's.I've got a Suzuki dl650xt now.I call it the APACHE too.

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