An Open Letter from Ellaspede

Author: Ellaspede   Date Posted:29 June 2016 

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It's been a crazy 7 year journey so far... Starting out in Leo's garage, (literally) going under in the 2011 Brisbane floods, our first public exhibition at Artisans in 2012, moving into our West End studio and many amazing bikes.

We would like to thank all of you for your support thus far, from our local customers that drop into the shop like its their second home, to our international supporters that keep us connected to things happening outside of Australia.

You would have noticed that over the past year we have been releasing Ellaspede's own products. Any product that bares the Ellaspede name is 100% designed and developed by us. Some of the parts are made by our hands, others by local or international suppliers. We strive to deliver the best custom products possible and have been pouring much effort into this.

We are not a budget parts supplier. Many of the products we develop are as a result of products 'made to a price' not working properly, breaking or being downright dangerous for use on a motorcycle. Our prices are the best possible when using the highest quality materials and manufacturing methods to create designed and functional products that are made to last.

We would like to take this opportunity to formally thank every one of you who have purchased an Ellaspede product, piece of apparel or accessory. When you decide to support us by purchasing one of our products it goes a long way to helping our bottom line. In turn it means we can develop and produce various other products to make customising your bike easier. It also helps us run awesome events like 'Dust Hustle' and 'One Night with McQueen', which takes considerable effort behind the scenes from our crew for limited or negative financial gain.

More often than not, when we release a custom build people ask to purchase bits and pieces used on that bike. The nature of a custom build means usually we're unable to produce certain parts in mass volume as we'd need to meet minimum order requirements. But we're working on turning more of our custom parts into bolt on products for our customers to modify their bikes more easily and affordably than ever before. Currently, most of our available products are manufactured in small runs from high quality materials. With your help, it's our goal to to increase the size of our production runs so we can reduce the overall costs, whilst maintaining excellent quality.

Know that when you spend money with Ellaspede you are helping us reach this goal. We are not a massive company, we do not have endless funds and we certainly do not have rich backers to accelerate this process. We've come this far off our own hard work, endurance and your support.

It doesn't matter if you spend $1 or $10,000 with us, we treat all customers the same. We value your input on how we can become better at what we do and welcome suggestions on how we can improve. We also welcome ideas for products you wish to see us develop.

We aim to provide more on-going updates as to what we're doing behind the scenes as Ellaspede intends to be around for years to come and we look forward to having you along for the ride.


Photo: Michael Hughes

Photo: Michael Hughes

Photo: Michael Hughes

Photo: Michael Hughes

Photo: Michael Hughes

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