5 Things to Check Before You Ride

Author: Ellaspede   Date Posted:31 October 2013 

5 Things to Check Before You Ride main image

Before heading out on your next ride looking like Marlon Brando and leaning it like Lorenzo, it's important run through a few quick mechanical and personal checks to ensure you end up at the other end. This brief refresher from our head mechanic is a good little tick list for all of us before heading out on the next ride. And you never know, you might just pick up a little something that saves a swollen noggin next time.

1. Visual Inspection

  • Check tyre condition
  • Look for leaks
  • Look for loose bolts/ panels
  • Check brake pad condition

2. Mechanical Inspection

  • Check axel bolt/ nuts are tight
  • Check brake caliper bolts are tight
  • Check handle bar clamps are tight
  • Check throttle returns

3. Signal System Check

  • Turn ignition on
  • Check brake lights
  • Check indicators
  • Check headlight and high beam
  • Check horn

4. Safety Equipment Check

  • Check helmet
  • Jacket (believe it or not a stringlet doesn’t protect)
  • Gloves
  • Boots

5. Ride Test

  • Start bike
  • Check kill switch works
  • Check front and rear brake operation
  • Feel/ listen for abnormal vibrations or sounds

If it doubt get a professional to check it out.

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