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How To: Install an Earth on Daytona Small Winkers


Because some bikes require you to earth your indicators during installation, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to sleekly modify your Daytona Small Winkers.  It’s quick, simple, and will keep thinks looking clean.


Step 1:
Grab a screwdriver and remove the two screws located in the indicator lens.
Pull off the lens.



Step 2:
Remove the lightbulb by pushing in and turning.  It will then pop out of the socket.


Step 3:
Remove the screw holding the bulb socket in place, and remove the socket.IMG_6531



Step 4:
Take your grounding wire and feed it through the body of the indicator, running out the base hole alongside the power wire.
Then, place the eyelet for the grounding wire over the hole which keeps the bulb socket screw in place.
Ensure the eyelet is bent at a right angle so the wire can run down in to the indicator body and underneath the lightbulb.


Step 5:

Reassemble the indicator and feed the power and earth wires through a Daytona Winker Bolt onto the bike.
Good to go!



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